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My clients work with for me for multiple reasons: for my expertise and knowledge about a wide range of colleges across the US and Canada, for my background as an educator who is skilled in teaching and working with young people, for my experience working with students with a learning difference, or for my ability to support first-generation students, the first in their family to attend college.

Students work with me in order to bring calm and organization to their college admissions experience. Some of my clients use my services simply to create a strong, personalized list of “good-fit” colleges, while others use my support through the entire process, including assistance with their essay and application. Clients work with me in their pursuit of a traditional college environment, to an alternative academic experience, to colleges that offer a specialization, from STEM majors to BFA degrees in the performing or visual arts.

Here are recent reviews from some of my clients:



 I am so grateful to have had you by my side the whole college application process–I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Thank you for all your help getting me into my dream school! 

Nora J
Wesleyan University, ‘25

Not every educator has the ability to see the potential in every student, but you, Alice, do.

Thank you for being there for me and my son”

Wendy B., Parent
Johnson and Wales University, ‘25

“Thank you so so much for everything you have done to help me through this process, it has been amazing working with you!!”

Olivia K., Student
Bowdoin College, ‘25

“Thank you for all of your help throughout this whole process. You were truly amazing to work with! “

Joey Utzschneider, Student
Colby College, ‘25

“Your support over the past three years has been incredible and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. Whether we were pouring over class schedules or rereading my college essay, time and time again, you made the college process so much easier.”

Leah C.
Hamilton College, ’24

“Alice was an invaluable resource to our daughter especially during her junior year. Leah walked away from her meetings with Alice inspired and excited to explore schools and her future.  She started junior year overwhelmed by the options but, as a result of Alice’s engaging style, attentiveness, encouragement, and knowledge, we watched Leah confidently start to take on much of the process independently (well, we supplied the driving!). She would circle back to Alice after our campus visits eager to share what she learned.  Alice provided us with thorough follow-up emails after each meeting.  This continued throughout her junior year and by early in her senior year she had identified a clear top choice, applied Early Decision, and was accepted.  As I watch other parents juggle visiting schools on top of their child’s busy senior schedule, I am grateful to have had Alice on our side early guiding Leah through the process.  We are all now enjoying the rest of her senior year!

Deena, Dave, Leah
Hamilton College ’24

“We hired Alice to help our daughter navigate the college application process, and are so glad we did. Alice has helped our daughter think about what she wants and how she is going to get there. Alice has transformed what for many is a very stressful, anxious time, to one of promise and optimism. From helping choose a high school course of study, relaying summer work and study opportunities, recommending a tutor, helping develop a standardized test schedule, developing a list of schools to apply to, and navigating the financial aid applications and editing application essays, Alice has a been with us every step of the way and all for a reasonable cost. We feel very grateful for her counsel and guidance.”

Adam Ginsburg, A. Ginsburg Architects
Parent of Junior, Class of 2019

Mount Abraham Union HS

I referred one of my longest standing and most valuable clients to Alice last year. I was not disappointed. My clients have raved about her dedication and hard work in helping their daughter to be accepted to West Point! Several times now, they have made a point to thank me for recommending them as her efforts overall, and especially through the essay submission process, went well above and beyond what they anticipated. This referral provided significant value for my clients, for Alice, and for me. Not only will I will never hesitate to recommend Alice, I will seek opportunities to recommend her to all clients with children of the age where her service is called for. Thank you, Alice!

Brendan Walsh, Quantum Leap Capital
February 2017

“Alice’s gift as a remarkable college guidance professional was an important piece in the college application process for both my daughter and myself.  Alice’s knowledge of so many colleges and universities really helped us find more options that were not on our radar; options that were a good match for who my daughter is and the experience she is wanting to have at a school.  We found more colleges that were a better match for our daughter then we previously had on our list.”

Charlotte, VT

“Alice was the best thing about my college search. It is invaluable having someone kind, resourceful and supportive in your corner through everything there is in this process.”

Student,  Skidmore College ’19

“Alice’s help turned the college application process from wading through a swamp of information to swimming through the waters of knowledge—she had the answers to the endless questions that crop up when applying to college, and a buoyant spirit to boot!”

Parent, Burlington, VT ’17

You really helped make it a less stressful process for all. Ella is really thrilled, and it was helpful for us to stay out of her decision-making process.

Parent of Senior, Class of 2018
Mount Mansfield Union HS

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much my daughter Eden and I have enjoyed working with Alice Lissarrague of Lissarrague College guidance. Alice has really taken the time to get to know Eden, her interests, her strengths, and her dreams. Since Eden is only a college sophomore, we’re at the beginning of the process, but already Alice’s support and guidance have been tremendously beneficial to Eden and me in her course selection for next year, her plans for the summer, beginning to think about grants and scholarships to help pay for college, and for starting to understand what we can expect over the next year and half. We feel very grateful to have Alice to guide us through what can be a complex and stressful process. I would highly recommend Alice to anybody who would prefer that this experience is more of an “adventure” than a trial.

Adam Ginsburg,
Bristol, VT
March 2017

“I encourage any family thinking about a college counselor to connect with Alice!  As a parent, the pressure was eased because Alice was there to support us through the whole process: beginning with getting to know our child and recommending additional schools to visit or consider, to assisting her through testing, applications, and essays.

Alice has a wealth of knowledge about a multitude of schools across the country and understood what our daughter was hoping for in her college education. Alice’s help turned the college application process from wading through a swamp of information to swimming through the waters of knowledge–she had the answers to the endless questions that crop up when applying to college, and a buoyant spirit to boot! ”

Richmond, VT ’17

 “I was just accepted to BC!!! I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me throughout this process. I could not have done it without you. I am thrilled to get started in Boston next year.”

 Natalie M., Student
Boston College, ’25

 “Working with Alice was the best decision we could have made for our family. She helped us identify colleges that really suited our son and many that would never have been on our radar. Her help was invaluable while navigating the admissions process. We started right after sophomore year and she and our son developed a really nice rapport that helped him stay on track throughout his last two years of high school. At every decision point, he would say “I need to check that with Alice” and it gave us all confidence during what can be a confusing and overwhelming process. We plan on working with Alice for our daughter’s selection process as well.”

LR, Parent
Clarkson University, ’25

 “Thank you for your help with student contacts, financial info, decisions, and so, so much more! You have been an incredible resource throughout this process.”

Anna R., Student
Macalester College, ’25

 “Alice gave our son the guidance he needed to navigate the otherwise-overwhelming landscape of college options. She looked at him as a whole person in finding a match for his academic interests as well as his passion for being part of an outdoor community. In addition, Alice coached him on how to approach colleges successfully about his gap year plans. We’re so grateful to Alice for helping our son find his way to the perfect college for him! “

 Laura Slesar, Parent
Colorado College, ’24

 “Thank you so much for all your guidance. Without your help, I would not have ended up at Willamette, much less the West Coast. You have opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed. “

 Audrey E.
Williamette University, ’24

Alice, thank you for all your help and guidance to Molly on her college process. She committed to Boston College. Deciding factor was she was selected as a Gabelli Presidential Scholar! Again, thanks so much for helping Molly. With your guidance I saw her go from intimidated and unclear, to gradually taking more and more ownership, taking more initiative, and finally making an informed and confident decision.

Tom Funk, Parent
Boston College, Class of 2022

 Alice was an amazing support for my son.  She helped him stay organized and on track every step of the way during his college search.  Alice knew a lot about all the colleges he was interested in, and had wonderful ideas on how he could present himself in his most authentic way. We were so thankful to have her guidance and advice.

 Pamela Judge Wilson, Parent
Skidmore, Class of 2022

Alice, I can’t thank you enough or begin to express how valuable you and your services have been to us.  Your knowledge and support during this incredibly exciting, and stressful, time are so appreciated.  I just cannot thank you enough. We will continue to recommend your services and share our positive experience.

Parent of Senior, Class of 2018
Vergennes Union High School

Alice literally saved my tail throughout this tough and long process. I could not have done it without her insightful suggestions for schools, impeccable essay feedback, and pithy email communication. Thank you, Alice!

Vermont Commons ’18

“Alice is exceedingly knowledgeable about the college application process and can find schools that would be a great fit based on your interests.”

Oliver R-G, Student,
South Burlington High School ’17

“When I first met with Alice, I was completely overwhelmed by not only the entire college application process.  Alice walked us through the process and helped to simplify so many details which put me at ease.  I am so grateful!  I look forward to working with Alice again when my youngest daughter starts the college process.”

Parent, Charlotte, VT

“Alice is a very knowledgeable, practical and emphatic college advisor. She really gets to know your child and their strengths and she is supportive in every way. I would highly recommend her for your child’s college search process.”

Skidmore, ’17

Alice’s knowledge of college admissions is unmatched. Her thoughts helped guide me through the process and I am happy where I ended up!” 

Colby College ’21

As a single parent of a rising senior, I was totally overwhelmed with the entire process of applying to colleges. I went to one of Alice’s free workshops and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. I felt that her personality would mesh with my son who has unique personal characteristics.  She portrays an image of calm expertise.

Alice has been a true blessing to me and to my son. She really got to know him personally and what he wanted in a college. She helped him do all the applications. She even found a wonderful school that we didn’t know about that would be the excellent fit for him.  She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and very responsive to any questions that we have had.

I highly recommend using Alice for helping with all your college searches and questions.

Jenn Ryan,
Shelburne, VT   ’17

“I really appreciated how at the beginning of the whole process Alice gave me a list of all those schools she thought I should look at/apply to, how likely it was that I’d get in, etc.  That was super helpful.  And I appreciate how she as kept in touch with me, even after I’ve gotten into college.”

Columbia University ’20

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