College Guidance Packages

Lissarrague College Guidance supports every high school student:
from how to navigate the first two years of high school to guidance through the entire college admissions process.

Here are the college guidance services that I offer

College Admissions Process Support

The college admissions journey can be  overwhelming.  I  bring calm, clarity and professional insight to the entire college admissions experience.

College Admissions Counseling

I bring depth and understanding to my work as a college counselor.   I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners,  the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the National Association of College Counselors.

College Essay Support

The college essay is the only component of your application that is entirely in your control.   Do not overlook it!

Identify Colleges that are a 'Good Fit'

31% of all  students drop out of college  before their sophomore year.  57%  of those who continue their studies, take more than 6 years to graduate.  

Graduate on time by applying  to schools that are  a good fit!

Financial Aid Advice

Avoid paying a college’s official sticker price through financial aid, scholarships and merit aid awards.

Building College Admissions Appeal

Colleges look for certain qualities, skills and aptitudes. Showcase your academic, extra-curricular and personal strengths.
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