College Guidance Services

The college search, application and admissions process can be overwhelming, challenging and confusing for both students and their parents. Everyone’s situation is different. I get to know each of my students: their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, temperament and interests,  so as to help each one find colleges that are a good match.

Personal and expert college admissions guidance for high school students


College Admissions Process Support

The college admissions journey can be an overwhelming and anxious time for the high school student. I support the student through the entire process, from choosing high school classes, prepping for standardized tests, creating a summer job or internship résumé to finding a balance between extra-curricular activities and academics.
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I give guidance on how to get the most out of campus visits, how to communicate with admission reps and I help students prepare for their interviews with mock interview practice. Beginning in early August, I support my students in the proper completion of their Common Application in addition to brainstorming and editing support for their college essay, writing supplements and scholarship applications.

For those applying for financial aid, I can offer guidance regarding the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

I advise on how to proceed with college acceptances, deferrals, waitlists and financial aid packages.

Finally, my support can include basic advice regarding a gap year along with college course selection and advisory check-in during the first semester of college.

College Admissions Counseling

Since 2011 I have been helping students find their way through the college admissions experience. I listen, take notes, reflect, research, and offer advice at every step.
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Many students have no idea of what they would like to study while others know exactly which major they will pursue; some students are worried about going to college, while others cannot wait to dive right in; some students are looking for an unconventional academic experience or a BFA program; others want a  traditional collegiate environment with clear academic expectations.  I work with students who have never set foot on a college campus or even thought about college, along with those who struggle in high school and may qualify for academic accommodations.  As both the college counselor at the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School and as a consultant working with private clients, I have considerable experience in supporting a broad range of students.


College Essay Support

Essay support begins with matching the student with the right essay coach.

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I work with several highly skilled essay coaches who guide my students through the entire writing process. The Essay Coach helps the student find an essay topic that is highly personal and engaging, and then offers feedback and editing suggestions with each draft until the essay is deemed finished. It is crucial that the essay is not only the student’s own work but the student’s best work.

The same process is followed with any additional writing supplements, scholarship and/or merit award essays.


Identify Colleges that are a 'Good Fit'

A college that is the right fit offers a suitable level of academic rigor in an environment that meets the student’s social, extra-curricular and financial needs.
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Factors that might contribute to an institution being appropriate for a student include a college’s athletic division, performing arts facility, strength of a particular academic department and presence of Greek life. Other factors could include the level of accommodations for a learning or other difference in addition to geographical location and proximity to an urban environment.

I guide students towards finding their “right fit” colleges, where they would thrive for their entire undergraduate experience.

Financial Aid Advice

My training as a college consultant includes a working knowledge of the FAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid applications. While I do not offer any financial advice regarding the forms, I can answer questions pertaining to either form.
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For financial guidance in completing the forms, I refer my clients to a highly competent financial advisor.

In regards to requests for additional financial aid, I offer guidance in how to deal with a college’s financial aid department.

For students interested in merit aid awards, I structure my list of ‘Good Fit’ colleges to include schools where the student would qualify for merit aid awards, which typically range from $5,000 to $30,000 per year. Some colleges also offer a limited number of half and full-tuition merit awards.

Building College Admissions Appeal

I advise my students in how to present their best selves to colleges, from their academic and extra-curricular profile, to how they communicate with college admission reps, coaches and college faculty.
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The more time I have with a student to give guidance in making the right decisions regarding  academics and the student’s extra-curricular activities, the better I am able to support that student in best presenting his or herself to a college.

Experience matters.
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Alice's knowledge of college admissions is unmatched. Her thoughts helped guide me through the process and I am happy where I ended up!"

Will, Colby College ’21

Alice literally saved my tail throughout this tough and long process. I could not have done it without her insightful suggestions for schools, impeccable essay feedback, and pithy email communication. Thank you Alice!

Graham, Vermont Commons ’18

Alice was an amazing support for my son. She helped him stay organized and on track every step of the way during his college search. Alice knew a lot about all the colleges he was interested in, and had wonderful ideas on how he could present himself in his most authentic way. We were so thankful to have her guidance and advice.

Pamela Judge Wilson, Parent – Skidmore, Class of 2022