Did you just take the SAT? Should you submit your score?

College Testing

Alice Lissarrague, College Admissions Support

Are you a high school junior and did you just take the SAT? Are you now wondering if you should have your scores sent for free to four colleges? You have nine days from the SAT testing date to order your scores.

This early on in the college admissions process, I recommend that you do not send your scores to any schools UNTIL you have seen them. Your SAT scores might not be as strong as your PSAT scores and you might regret sending scores that could be better. If you are worried about costs, a growing number of schools now permit self-reporting of SAT and ACT scores on the Common Application, eliminating the need to order scores. However, once you accept a college’s offer of admission, you will be required order your scores to be sent to that college for verification.